Habitus from Timor Barshtman on Vimeo.

*created as a graduation project for Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
Visual Communication department 2014.

I’ve often wondered why do I act unlike my friends, why do I feel one way and not the other.
When I looked retrospectively inward, I saw that:
a person is a messy construct of previous character transformations, while a character is designed by it’s surrounding to survive and succeed in it.
(based on theory of Habitus and Personal Habiti)

-project guidance: Eran Stern
-theoretical guidance: Tal Barli
-music by Broke For Free - “Something Elated”

NICK - Animate Your Summer from Sean McClintock on Vimeo.

Hey, it’s summer and you’re family just won a freakin’ trip! Had so much fun with this one. Was responsible for all the illustrations as well as shaping a general idea into the final story. You can check out the original style frames

All the animation was handled by the good folks at Thornberg & Forester.

Tove Lo - ‘Stay High/Habits’ (Hippie Sabotage remix) [FROM THE VAULT] by StagedoorFM One from the vault; our new series of brilliant tracks you may have missed.


Buy the track direct from iTunes, here:

Volkswagen X MegaBox Etiquette AD from YOONDESIGN on Vimeo.

Volkswagen X MegaBox etiquette AD
directed by Yoondesign

"The movie is about to start."
“Turn off your phone engine.”

This is a special etiquette AD directed by Yoondesign
Yoondesign reinterpreted turning on a car and phone based on interior interface of
Volkswagen Golf GTI model, and created a special etiquette AD in movie theatre.
Watch at MegaBox.

Advertising campaign by Volkswagen & MegaBox.


윤디자인이 진행한
폭스바겐과 메가박스의 영화 에티켓 광고

영화가 곧 시작됩니다.
휴대폰의 ‘시동’은 잠시 꺼두셔도 좋습니다

폭스바겐 사의 Golf GTI 모델 인테리어와 내부 인터페이스를 기반으로
차량의 시동과 휴대폰의 전원에 시점을 맞추고 윤디자인이 새롭게 재해석하여
특별한 극장 에티켓 광고를 제작했습니다.

지금 MegaBox 상영관에서 만나보세요.

Created by UGO

dia 28 de setembro terei uma dobravel

dia 28 de setembro terei uma dobravel

Prosper “Handshake” & “The Good Life” from Michigan Motion Buds on Vimeo.

Thought they’d never buy our handshake idea.

Illustration & 2D 3D Animation / Ian Sigmon & Nick Forshee
Music & Sound Design /

Wordsmith / Adam Bridgewater

Liquid Ball Loop from Mike DiLuigi on Vimeo.

Animation: Mike DiLuigi
Sound Design: Dante de Glanvill

Ladybug and the wolf - ‘Under my chair’ from Thomas Blanchard on Vimeo.

Sortie exclusive:

In their last music video “under my chair”, Ladybug and the Wolf find themselves in a chase into a forest by animation effects.
Through that visual production directed by thomas blanchard, the image of the band is more than ever highlighted.
I mixed layering and Stop Motion in order to accentuate the sensibility and the fantasy of the duet.

Ladybug and the wolf

Ladybug and the wolf is one of the current music scene revelations in rhone alpes. Their last record “to raise a miniature garden gave them the opportunity to be discovered by professionals nation-wide.
An extensive music work and a real freshness emerge from their image.
Through their sincerity and the perfect harmony of their voices, many people see in the band the potential successors of Folk music made in France.

Anne-Laure Etienne

Thomas Blanchard

Brutus the Bound - The Infinite Gladiator from EXIT 73 studios on Vimeo.

Brutus, a great warrior from a distant planet, is ripped from his past and taken to the future of an evil Overlord. The Overlord holds Brutus’ family hostage, and binds Brutus in a temporal harness, forcing him to become an Infinite Gladiator, fighting opponents throughout time and space.


Production Credits

Created By: Joe Croson
Animation: Exit 73 Studios